Sloane SQ: The perks of living in urban spaces

It’s daunting to uproot yourself from your hometown and move to the city. You would be venturing into new territory and there’s a possibility that you have to overcome this challenge alone.

However, don’t let this deter you from living your best life in the metro. There are tons of reasons why you should live in the bustling city of your country. Browse through Sloane SQ to find out more about these reasons and contact our team when you’re ready to move.

Why choose to live in the city

Choosing to relocate within the metro has a lot of benefits not only for your social life but also for your overall well being. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider living in the city:

Meet new people from different walks of life

The city is full of life because of the people that live in it. You’ll meet lots of people from different walks of life when you relocate. This can broaden your horizons and renew your perspective in life because these people have different experiences that can open your mind to endless possibilities. 

Moreover, you can establish relationships and companionships that you can cherish for a long time. It’s a great social investment for you that can shape you into a better person.

Better mass transportation

Gone are the days of driving to and from destinations. In the city, you will have full access to an array of public mass transportation including but not limited to busses, taxi cabs and trains. You might also experience a transport system that’s unique to your country or city. 

The means of transportation in the metro are designed to help you navigate the busy streets. Even with awful traffic, rest assured that you’ll get to your destination right on time. 

These transport systems diminish as you move away from the city centre. This is because there is limited demand for transportation in these areas. If you want to experience a hassle-free way of commuting then life in the city will suit you best.

Better job opportunities for a variety of professions

Cities are full of people because of the array of jobs available for professionals to take. Whether you are a doctor or a multimedia artist, you can get a job that’s suitable for your skillset here in the city. 

Historically, businesses are often in urban areas because these establishments are the reasons why cities came to be. People relocate to these places since these areas attract people and activities. This then gives job opportunities to people for skill development.

Jobs in rural areas are limited, that’s why many people opt to relocate to bigger cities and metropolitan areas. 

Top-of-the-line restaurants for a fuller city experience

Are you interested in different types of cuisines? Establishments are scattered throughout the metro featuring dishes from all over the world. Whether you are craving Japanese or Mexican food, there’s always something for you in the city. 

Options vary depending on what’s in style in the culinary world. You can fully immerse yourself in different dishes without even going abroad because there’s a restaurant that can tickle your taste buds with every bite. 

Although there are plenty of options outside the city, nothing can compare to the delectable establishments that you will encounter here. Just head on to the adjacent street where you’re living and you will find something affordable and delicious to fill your stomach. 

High-quality shopping centres and branded establishments

If you are the kind of person who is into shopping for clothes, appliances and everything else in between, the city is your best bet. A variety of options are right at your fingertips. All you have to do is walk alongside busy streets or visit malls and you’ll find what your heart truly desires. 

From fast fashion to designer clothes, you will have a chance to visit all the establishments that offer these products. You can even window shop leisurely if you’re still undecided on what to buy. Rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth when purchasing different items off the rack. 

Great medical facilities and services

Looking for good doctors and high-grade medical facilities? The city has everything for you! The best hospitals are often found right at the heart of the metro because technological advancements happen here. It is easier for hospitals to upgrade their facilities and resources are delivered faster at the metro. 

The infrastructure is also built for development which is needed in the medical field. This facilitates competitiveness among companies and hospitals that’s why doctors prefer to practice here. You won’t have a shortage of doctors and healthcare professionals in the city. 

Vast entertainment options to peruse during your free time 

Looking for a way to pass the time? Entertainment is everywhere in the metropolitan area. Theatre shows, movies and street performances are never-ending. Every corner of the city has something interesting to showcase and these will leave a smile on your face. 

Amusement parks, museums, concerts and other communal activities are within reach within the borders of the metro. You’ll never run out of ideas to entertain yourself and your friends. 

Cities also have the best nightlife activities. Once the sun sets and darkness sets in, the cities will glitter with party lights from clubs and pubs that you can enter as long as you are of age. 

These things are available in the city because the people living here are looking for ways to unwind after a long day at work. Entertainment establishments offer an escape from the reality of everyday life and you can get access to these when you live in the city. 

Reasons to opt for condo living in the city

For some, living in a condo right at the heart of the city is the dream life. It’s not only for the sole reason of convenience but it’s because the place offers a slice of what you can expect from the city. 

Here are some of the many reasons why people choose to live in condo units after migrating to the greater area of the metro:

Ensured safety and security

The streets are busy and crowded. You’ll never expect things to happen but it unfolds right before your eyes. This can make you feel uncomfortable or scared. 

Condominiums offer a secure place for you to live in. You don’t have to constantly worry about your safety because there are security measures in place to give you peace and comfort at the end of the day. 

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about house break-ins because security guards are roaming around the place 24/7. It’s not worrisome to leave your apartment unattended because security is tight, unlike traditional single-home properties.


Once you get down from your apartment and outside the condominium, you’ll be greeted by different establishments. There are plenty of options to choose from making it a lot more convenient for you to move around the metro. 

Looking for items to furnish your home? There’s a home appliance right around the corner and some home decor shops in the mall across the street. Craving for something spicy? Different kinds of restaurants are scattered around the premises to satisfy your hunger. 

It’s such a convenient way of living, especially for younger generations that are always on the go. There’s no need to travel too far off distances just to experience life to the fullest because your condo is right at the heart of the city’s activities.

Good investment for long-term goals

Whether you’re looking for a space to call a forever home or you’re looking for an apartment that fits your needs at the moment, a condo unit is a smart investment for you. This is a piece of communal property that has real estate value that you can benefit from in the years to come. 

You can live in that space for a long time while trying to pursue your career in the city. It’s also possible for you to sublet the space if you want to relocate somewhere else. No matter what your intentions are, a Sloane SQ apartment is worth your investment.

Manageable space

Minimalist living spaces are all the rave this decade. The little you own, the better you can manage your space. Since a condo unit is often economic with little space, it can help train you to attain a more frugal lifestyle. Moreover, the space is designed for functional living without compromising style and sophistication. 

Get to know more about the different condo listings in Wembley, London as you browse through the Sloane SQ website. If you have questions or concerns about our services, feel free to contact us on our official channels. 

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