Sloane SQ: 5 things to consider when moving into a new town

Feeling down that you don’t know where to start with your new adventure? Don’t worry because we got you covered here at Sloane SQ. Get to know the things you need to do and look for when establishing a new life in a place different from your hometown!

  1. Look at the neighbourhood you’re relocating to

Before moving in, make sure that the neighbourhood is something that you’re willing to live in for the next few years of your life. Once you’re set, you’re ready to make the decision and uproot your life for the better. 

  1. Are there job opportunities waiting for you?

Whether you are relocating for a job or you want to start fresh with your life, you need to consider if there are job opportunities in this new town. You have bills to pay and a lifetime of decisions ahead of you. Never waste your time regretting a place because the jobs you want to pursue aren’t located near to your dream home. 

  1. An array of options for public transportation

Even if you own a car, you still need to travel through public transportation from time to time. Having access to these things can help make things easier for you, especially if you don’t have the option to drive. 

Not all cities have good transportation services. Research heavily about the city’s urban infrastructure to have a better understanding of how the commute is in the area. You should also pay a visit to the city so you can see for yourself if the traffic is something that you can tolerate in the years to come. 

  1. Know whether the place you’re moving into has investment value

No matter what town or city you’re relocating to, you need to know whether there’s value in the property you’re purchasing. The town and its activities can also affect the value that it can potentially have. 

Find out if you’re actually getting your money’s worth with the investment before settling down. There’s no harm in asking your Sloane SQ real estate agent different questions to give you a better understanding of what’s in store for you in the property you are eyeing. 

  1. Check if the vibe of the city and its inhabitants complements yours

It doesn’t matter if the world regards the place as the best city to live in, this won’t give you joy if the vibe doesn’t match your personality. Visit the town and immerse yourself in local activities to find out if you’re going to enjoy living in the place in the next couple of years. 

Don’t hesitate to ask your Sloane SQ representative to show you around and look for potential listings that match who you are. This way, you’ll have a better chance of finding a forever home. 

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