Conveniently situated on the border of the CBD and surrounded by the Mother City’s most breathtaking views.

Sloane Sq is the perfect choice for young professionals and those who love the convenience of inner city living. The property is within walking distance to other public transport

hubs as well as the Garden’s Shopping Centre and Wembly Square Virgin Active. It boasts the best quality finishes and security systems, as well as great restaurants, which are conveniently located on the ground floor.

Prices start from just R1,495,000* 

*Price includes VAT

Find your dream home here at Sloane SQ! 

Looking for a place to settle down in Wembley, London? You can find the right home that will suit your needs here at Sloane SQ. From quaint apartments to fully furnished properties, you’ll get your money’s worth at our real estate agency. 

Get to know more about the properties on our listing as you browse through the website. Whether you are looking for spaces that are for rent or properties for sale, contact us so we can help you out on your search for the perfect home.

About Sloane SQ

Sloane SQ is a real estate agency that mainly operates in Wembley, London. We have tons of listings in the area and you can find the right home that suits your lifestyle with our help.

Our listings are the perfect choice for young people looking for new homes in the city. You can get cheap rental properties for a reasonable price to help you out with real estate budgeting. 

If you are looking for a property to invest in, we also have a list of homes that you can call your own. These properties may be on the more expensive side but are worth your money. You can opt for loans and payment plans to manage your budget and we’ll gladly help out. 

What you can expect from Sloane SQ listings

Perks and benefits are overflowing in Sloane SQ. Each property and rental space comes with different advantages to give you the living experience that you deserve. 

Upmarket City Living

The properties on our listing are located in prime areas. You can visit various establishments including restaurants, shopping malls, convenience stores and many other places that can offer you quality service and products. 

You’ll be living your best city life once you’ve settled down. We’ll gladly help you out with whatever you need to find a forever home. 

Located at the heart of the city

The best things in life should be at arm’s length. That’s why here at Sloane SQ, we’ll provide you with listings in the central location of Wembley, London. You’ll find nothing short of perfect so that your everyday life can feel more comfortable and convenient. 

At the hub of public transportation

London can be hard to navigate, especially during rush hours. You need plenty of options to go about the city aside from riding your car. Don’t worry because Sloane SQ has you covered. 

We have listings that are conveniently located in prime areas where public transportation is accessible. This way, you won’t have to constantly worry about your options going to and from places. 

Digitalised security

In the age of technology, you need better security to feel safe. Our partner communities operate on highly innovative security measures such as fingerprint scanning and 24/7 surveillance to make sure that you are safe in your home. 

Moreover, there are plenty of guards that offer security day and night. This adds an extra layer of protection to make you feel at ease while relaxing in your place.